At Odd School’s foundation courses, students will learn to master basic tools with skill and confidence. Foundations are courses focused on essential work techniques and methodologies and are meant to be the first step towards advanced courses. This way, students ensure that they master all the necessary tools.

We know that doubts arise from work, so foundation courses have a great practical component. All the classes are practical and are always accompanied by teachers. Thus, the evaluation of the foundation courses is continuous and will be concluded with a final paper and a practical exam lasting 4 to 8 hours.

We have foundation courses in 3DS Max, After Effects, Cinema 4D, Drawing, Traditional Sculpture, Cinema Scripting / Animation, Houdini, Maya, Modelling and Rendering for Architecture, Photoshop, Pitching projects, Rigging, Storyboard, Toonboom, VRay and ZBrush.

Stay tuned because there are courses opening all the time!