Traditional Sculpture Course

What is for

Recreate 3D concepts (characters and items) from two-dimensional references. Master the technical, formal and material values of modelling (physics). Analyse and understand the formal and compositional relationships of a three-dimensional model. Morphological and dynamic study - space/shape relationship.

Who is for

Professionals or amateurs who want to start learning traditional modelling. Creative people who need to develop and improve their skills in sculpture. All those who try to get started in traditional sculpture, to give shape to their ideas or words.

What will you learn

Volumes (techniques for adding material with clay and plasticine). Shape (Anatomy, morphology, dynamics). Surface work (textures, pores, wrinkles, veins). Formal and aesthetic values (dimension, proportion, rhythm, harmony).

The Odd numbers

14th worldwide and 4th in Europe at the rankings of digital entertainment schools (refer to the website: Animation Career Review) 
7 students average per class. (max. 12 min. 6 students)
Employability rate- 60% (5 - year average)