DigitalArt 4Kids

What is for

Explore the creative spirit, promote artistic values and open new horizons and mentalities through the initiation in the visual arts, particularly in drawing. Helping to make the transition between traditional and digital painting.

Who is for

All children who are interested in drawing, painting or visual arts in general between the ages of 8 and 12.

What will you learn

First notions of light and shadow, colour, volume and texture. Explore creative and artistic skills. Stimulate creativity by crossing traditional drawing with digital painting. Drawing in sight. Spirit of collaboration and mutual aid and much more!

The Odd numbers

12th worldwide and 5th in Europe at the rankings of digital entertainment schools (refer to the website: Animation Career Review) 
7 students average per class. (max. 12 min. 6 students)
Employability rate- 60% (5 - year average)