Advanced Comp Series 2

What is for

During the Program, students will be taken on a journey through the different stages of a Digital Composer's career. Establishing a very strong knowledge base that will allow you to easily find a position in the national and international labor market.

Who is for

Any digital arts enthusiast who wants to have the opportunity to learn from scratch all the tools, techniques and processes capable of recreating the fantastic universe of great international productions.

What will you learn

How to master the key software in this industry; Foundry Nuke, SilhouetteFX by BorisFX and Mocha Pro. All students will have at their disposal a dedicated workstation during the course of 20 weeks, where they will be able to learn, practice and create the much desired showreel of their dreams.

The Odd numbers

14th worldwide and 4th in Europe at the rankings of digital entertainment schools (refer to the website: Animation Career Review) 
7 students average per class. (max. 12 min. 6 students)
Employability rate- 60% (5 - year average)