Fernando Roussado


Fernando Roussado (Lisbon, 1985)
He lives and works in Lisbon.
Graduated in sculpture at the Faculty of Fine Arts, University of Lisbon.
In the last years he has been dedicated to researching ancient and contemporary sculpture,
is currently developing a doctoral thesis on its creative process where it focuses on the importance of carved into sculptural thought.
He teaches Sculpture at the Faculty of Fine Arts of the University of Lisbon.
Some individual and collective exhibitions he has participated in: Nuca, Lisbon, Fundação Portuguesa das Telecomunicações; Walk & Talk, Azores; Encontrarte, Amares, Portugal; Arte e Ciência, MNHNC, Lisbon; Spatiuplenu, Round the Corner, Lisbon; Aduana, MNHNC, Lisbon; ZIP BUNG, Sala do Veado, Lisbon; Pleno, Paulo Amaro_Contemporary Art, Lisbon; Prémio Ibérico de Escultura, Serpa.