Storyboard Course

What is for

Empower students with the necessary knowledge to create a storyboard that, through the use of different types of plans, framing, editing and scene transitions, clearly communicates to viewers the explicit and implicit ideas in each script scene in order to serve the main objective of a good storyboard: telling the story.

Who is for

All interested in illustration and cinema. Animators. Illustrators. Directors.

What will you learn

Storyboard concept, its history and evolution. The importance of script analysis: Debugging, Decoding and Visualization. The importance of continuity. The staging. The cinematographic language: Types of plans and their use, placement of the camera.

The Odd numbers

14th worldwide and 4th in Europe at the rankings of digital entertainment schools (refer to the website: Animation Career Review) 
7 students average per class. (max. 12 min. 6 students)
Employability rate- 60% (5 - year average)